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Bōnenkai / New Year's party ◆ Winter's bustling course ◆ 4320 yen

By using a coupon4320 yen

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~ Drink this year's New Year's party with a handy course, sing and cook delicious ~

Course menu

1. Assorted five kinds of cold dishes

2. Shark's fin soup with crab meat

3. Stir-fry the raw sauce squid's oyster sauce

4. Simmered chili sauce of shrimp

5. Ryuta fried chicken sauce of chicken peach meat sauce

6. Boiled Yonezawa pork belly and root vegetables from Yamagata Prefecture

7. Fried rice with green or soaked soba

8. Two dessert servings

~ Banquet Benefits of the New Year's party ~

◇ Get joyful presents with Janken

There are fun gifts on each table.

◇ Turtle in seats of more than 10 people 15 years Shaoxing wine

One cup with a decanter for party of more than 10 people

◇ Karaoke service during banquet hours

Two rooms equipped with karaoke.Decided by first come first served basis or scale of banquet.

◇ 1000 yen discount by Osechi cooking at the party

Reservation is limited to December 19 (Wednesday).※ There is a limited quantity

◇ Banquets ending by 17 o'clock and banquets every Monday

Give me a meal ticket for 500 yen for everyone!

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/11/13 update