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Winter luxury special selection course 7000 yen (tax excluded)

7000 yen

(Tax excluded)

  • 9items
  • 680persons

Please enjoy the delicious dishes with the commitment of ingredients and certain techniques.


[Course content]

■ Assortment of six kinds of cold dishes

Boiled in Shrimp Shrimp from Kesennuma (1 person for each person!)

■ Black hair w Kajyu's sirloin steak (black sesame sauce)

■ Simulated lobster chilli sauce

■ Zwai crab nail seafood enter rice paper Fried two kinds

■ Gratin with raw abalone and scallop shell in shell

■ Sanfuji-made special tomato saucepan with collagen

■ Shark's fin with XO sauce fried noodles or XO sauce fried rice

Assorted special dessert and fruit

Available days for reservation
Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Sunday and public holidays - Holidays

2017/11/10 update